What do you search for in a quality restaurant? Good food and extensive menu, or comfortable dining environment and compatible pricing? What if we tell you there is an address in Houston, where you can avail both?! Surprising is it not? But not, completely untrue, especially when the address we speak of, is our Asian cuisine establishment, China Bear. At China Bear, you will find exemplary quality Asian cuisine, cooked to perfection for your refined palate and the best Chinese food buffet in Houston. There are few other culinary establishments in Houston that can offer you a menu as long and diverse, and a dining environment as spacious and well-furnished as China Bear’s.

Fine-dining with China Bear

Dining with China Bear is like a proof-of-concept for those who only wish to eat out when they have a quality fine-dining option at hand. At China Bear, you can expect a broad range of traditional Chinese cuisine that you can choose from; you can also opt for a buffet meal, if you wish to get a taste of every delicacy that is on the offering from China Bear.

Why patrons of Chinese cuisine love China Bear?

The expansive menu is not the only reason why China Bear has been able to solidify its position in the hearts of the gastronomes in Texas. At China Bear, customers can expect a number of other qualities that they will seldom come across anywhere else:

  • Customers do not have to wait to be seated, even during peak business hours, and without any reservation as there are over 150 dining tables for you to occupy.
  • Thanks to the spacious 700-seater dining area, China Bear can seat you any day, any time, no matter how many diners you have invited.
  • Commerce comes second and courtesy comes first here, as you can expect to be treated like royalty by our staff, every time you visit us.
  • Dining at China Bear is an experience, not a transaction. Customers are not hastily sat at a table and bade goodbyes immediately after disbursing the bill. Customers can choose to take a stroll through our garden, collect their thoughts at the koi pond and sit down to eat when ready. Customers can also learn more about our Chinese heritage as they glance wall to wall and absorb the traditional paintings adorning them.

So, if you wish to have a Chinese lunch buffet in Houston that imparts an experience and satisfies your appetite as well, then come down to China Bear.

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