Traditional Asian food has always been a hit with the eternally curious Occident. Keeping up with the ever-evolving palates of consumers, we at China Bear make it a point to serve the finest Asian delicacies at affordable prices. Recognized as the leading Asian restaurant in Houston, we have been successful in capturing the attention of our customers. The following five reasons show why we are a household name.

  1. Diverse Menu, Diverse Flavors

At China Bear, we provide a diverse range of quintessential Chinese cuisine. Starting from Hunan Shrimp to Wor Sue Gai, we offer our customers with a plethora of Chinese foods, traditional and modern. With the ever-increasing plurality in our menu, we have also engaged the finest chefs of the trade.  What is more, our cooking methods are in strict compliance with traditional Chinese cooking methods.

We also provide exquisite buffet meals at highly competent prices.

  1. Celebrated Customer Service

Good food tastes good, given the ambience is convenient. At the leading Asian eat-out in Houston, we provide the finest customer service, ranging from a pleasant dining environment to prompt delivery. As a venture committed to providing our customers with the highest level of culinary satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned to offer top-notch meals at the best prices.

If you are wondering, ‘Which is the best Asian buffet near me?’ China Bear is here for you.

  1. Spacious, Ambient Culinary Experience

Open throughout the week, our establishment is subject to an around-the-clock stream of customers. Packed with 150 tables, our outlet is capacitated to house 700 people at a time. At the same time, we take the utmost care not to make it crowded. Consequently, we provide the finest family dining experience in Houston.

So whether you are looking for a family outing or a lavish office treat, we can get you seated for a sprawling Chinese meal in no time.

  1. A Truly Hospitable Space

We believe in consolidating the surroundings with a view to enriching the experience of relishing ethnic food. Subsequently, our iconic establishment welcomes you with a beautiful sprawling garden complete with a koi pond. Also, you will be greeted with a string of fascinating Chinese paintings adorning the walls.

Besides spicing up our meals, we take due cognizance of the significance of a hospitable environment to make your culinary experience all the more memorable.

Ethnic cuisine is challenging in more ways than one. Apart from the technical aspects, there is the added element of ambience. As an endeavor committed to bringing you the finest culinary experience in all of Houston, our establishment is ever more enthusiastic in bringing you meals that are not only packed with flavor but are also thoroughly health-conforming.

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